Review of The Wisdom Kitchen by Leona SWendy created a relaxed environment for learning. I found her to be very informative and inspiring and I left being confident that I could do fermenting on my own and I have. My body thanks me for making the effort.
-Leona S.
Review of The Wisdom Kitchen by Joni LI told Wendy that, as I approach 50, I want to start taking better care of my health, but with my crazy life and schedule, I have no time and no energy to take on anything new. Wendy, very wisely, started small. I now have a healthy, happy SCOBY (no, at the time, I didn’t know what that was) and I’m making Kombucha Tea like a pro! Wendy, thanks for your insight and your patience. I can’t wait to see what we tackle next!
-Joni L.
Review of The Wisdom Kitchen by Caroline HWorking with Wendy was not only a real eye opener about healthy food preparation, it was also a great deal of fun! Wendy was patient and thorough as she delivered hands-on tips and techniques that I use today. I left The Wisdom Kitchen with more than just a pile of information; I also departed with jars of freshly made tasty treats for my family. My salsa still gets rave reviews, and I know I’ll be making it long into the future.
Thanks Wendy!
-Caroline H.
Review of The Wisdom Kitchen by Deanna B

When I first heard about kefir water and kombucha tea I was very intrigued and wanted to learn how to make these. I researched them both on the Internet learning various methods, and also about the countless health benefits. I was concerned though that the process would be challenging and was a bit confused as the Internet can be quite overwhelming. After Wendy instructed me with both processes, I was very impressed not only with all her knowledge but also how easy it all was!. Wendy was so helpful with the entire process, making me feel very comfortable and confident in what I was doing. I no longer have any desire to drink pop and in fact drink almost nothing but my probiotic kefir water. Not only is it delicious but so simple to make with the proper guidance, my family and I enjoy it every single day!.
Thank you so very much Wendy!
-Deanna B.