How magnificent would it be... learn how to prepare more nutritious and delicious foods for yourself and your family-the kinds that nourished our ancestors throughout history?

Imagine a refrigerator, a counter, a dinner table filled with unprocessed, unrefined, flavourful health and goodness. Envision meeting like-minded people who also want to create lifestyles filled with traditional, healthy foods. Or what about the satisfaction of hearing comments from friends and family, such as, “ This is SO delicious! How can it be healthy too?” Your son might even confess that his friends love coming to your home to sample all of the wholesome home-produced food. Picture your daughter tweeting, “Ah the smell of homemade bread!” You heart feels full.

You have very fond memories of family meals at your great-grandparents’ tables. Sadly, those meals are just a fading memory. You long to bring some of that tradition back. You sense there is more you can do to educate yourself and your family about nutritionally dense foods. But where do you begin? Who has time for slow food preparation anymore?

Deep down, you know nutrients are lacking in your diet so you have a cupboard filled with vitamins and a fridge full of probiotics because you have read they are good for you. But, boy, are they expensive!! You tossed the butter and cream and stocked up with lowfat….everything! Lowfat is better…right?? But, you and your family LOVE butter and cream! The flavours are so much more delicious and satisfying! You have heard a bit about GMO’s and want alternatives. You have begun reading labels more closely and are somewhat mortified! You have asked yourself, “What are half of those ingredients?”

I know what you are going through!

I too wondered, read, asked many questions. I sensed there was wisdom and history in foods prepared generations ago and shared at family dinner tables that was missing from my knowledge base. Once I began to further understand the ease of preparation, nutrition, and flavour behind traditional foods, I was hooked. I wanted to know more! I wanted to learn how to prepare them and share them with my family and friends. I noticed that the traditionally prepared foods were always the first to be eaten, with people asking, “How did you make that?” and making comments such as, “I wish I knew how to make some of these foods!”

That’s why I have created The Wisdom Kitchen! These hands-on classes are for people who are hungry for more-more tradition-more nutrition-more knowledge-more connection.

The Wisdom Kitchen classes include:

  • roll up your sleeves, hands-on preparation
  • all of the ingredients needed for the class
  • a sampling of satisfying and scrumptious traditional foods
  • step-by-step instructions, nurturing your desire to learn
  • thorough handouts, including recipes
  • the nutrition/history behind the foods we are preparing
  • “take homes”- foods /beverages we have made in class

The classes will be informative and fun!

Classes will be held in a warm, inviting and comfortable kitchen atmosphere. New learning will be welcomed, supported and encouraged. Together, we will share in the joy, as new skills are cultivated. Questions will be welcomed, and successes will be celebrated. You will leave the class feeling confident and ready to try some of these new talents in your own kitchen.

You might be thinking…me…make homemade bread or bone broth? Impossible! I had never done any of these things either before I became interested in the traditional foods movement. Just think of it as a fun and delicious way to skip over the hours of online reading and research and trial and error in your kitchen. Fancy the many hard-earned dollars you will save when you no longer need to buy commercial products.

Who are The Wisdom Kitchen’s perfect students?

  • You know there is a strong relationship between good food and health
  • You believe food connects us as a community
  • You intuitively know that good food nourishes your soul
  • You are an action-taker- and feel joy when learning new things

Reserve your spot in an upcoming class today!

A class would be a GREAT gift;

Still not sure? Want to host a group class in your home? Don’t live in Winnipeg? I am happy to travel. Drop me a line. Go to my Say Hello page and send me your questions.