What are Traditional Foods?

Traditional foods are those foods that nourished our ancestors throughout history, before food became industrialized. Nourishing, traditional foods that our ancestors prepared and ate were unprocessed, raised naturally, mostly raw and unrefined.

The Weston Price Foundation, has found that those cultures living largely on native, unrefined foods prepared traditionally, enjoy better health than people consuming a diet filled with refined, modern foods. Life is too short not to eat well!

Traditional Foods focuses on four principles:

  1. avoid modern, refined foods
  2. enjoy unrefined, whole and natural foods
  3. understand the importance of nutrient-density in the foods we eat
  4. prepare and eat foods in the same way our ancestors did that kept them healthy

** If your great-great-great grandmother wouldn’t recognize, it, don’t eat it!

Below, are some resources that I hope help make this journey smoother!


Helpful Links

Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon
- the cookbook that challenges politically correct nutrition

Farmer’s Market Association of Manitoba
- a list of all Farmer’s Markets in Manitoba

Harvest Moon Food Initiative
- monthly “buying club” that directly connects you to Manitoba farmers

Interlake Meadows Farm
- a family farm focused on raising grass fed beef and u-pick berries

Ten Thousand Villages
- non profit fair trade organization-great place to purchase sugars for kefir and kombucha as well as tea

Manitoba Harvest
- Manitoba grown hemp products

Naosap Harvest
- organic, wild rice, grown in northern Manitoba

Grysiuk Queen Bee Honey
- Manitoba produced honey-many delicious flavours

Piccola Cucina
- all natural, homemade Italian treats

Bessie's Best
- handmade, gluten-free Mediterranean Dips and Sauces

Thrive Bars
- totally healthy ridiculously intense vegan energy